Who We Are


Sharing the Gospel, Serving the Community, Growing in Faith.

We are a diverse congregation of many ages ranging from small children, youth, young families and young adults to an active fifty plus group.

Our passion for Christ is expressed in our unyielding desire to push forward with new ideas about how to reach the greater area. Our congregation welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, denominations, and walks of life, and chooses to fellowship with all believers in Christ. We do our best to embody the true meaning of “love one another” and service to those in need.

Our blended worship service uses both contemporary and traditional elements to create a spiritually uplifting experience for all in attendance. Our goal is to best meet the needs of a world whose distractions make it ever more difficult for lost individuals to come to Jesus Christ. We welcome others who are similarly driven to use their creativity and love of Christ to bring others to the Lord.