Our Story

church buildings 1

Left – Chapel, built in 1966; Right – Family Life Center, completed 2012

Leesville Baptist Church has seen many changes in the 140 years since the first meeting of the  six members who began the process of drawing up the Church Constitution.

In the early 1870′s, a small group began meeting at the Leesville Academy for worship. They felt a strong need for a church in the community. On, August 17th, 1874 that goal was realized as they gathered together with other neighboring churches and together named Elder T.W. Young as their Pastor.

An educational building used to stand where the Family Life Center does now, and was torn down to make way for the new building a few years ago. It was originally constructed as a church parsonage in 1955 and used as such until 1988.

The chapel replaced the previous white wooden frame church in 1966. It was dedicated on Sunday, November 20th, 1966. In addition to church members, many people from the Leesville community attended. A cornerstone from the original building now rests in the foundation of this sanctuary.

The building committee of eleven was recognized at the dedication. We are thankful for two of those that remain faithful members of Leesville Baptist Church, J.T. Berry and E.H. Cross.

Our newest Family Life Center was completed in August 2012, and serves as a learning center for our Sunday School classes and childrens’ activities.