Bible Studies for Life – Fall 2014

Via Lifeway:

Connected: My Life In the Church, September 7th through October 12th

  • Connected in Christ
  • Connected in Unity
  • Connected in Growth
  • Connected Through Words
  • Connected in Service
  • Connected Through Prayer

Overcome: Living Beyond Your Circumstances, October 19th through November 30th

  • Overcome Betrayal
  • Overcome Temptation
  • Overcome Being Forgotten
  • Overcome Hard Times
  • Overcome Bitterness
  • Overcome an Earthly Mindset
  • Ministry in the Face of Mental Illness

Bible Studies for Life – Summer 2014

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Beyond Belief: Exploring the Character of God, June 29th – August 3rd

  • God is Holy
  • God is Loving
  • God is Just
  • God is Forgiving
  • God is Wise
  • God is Faithful

Resilient Faith: Standing Strong in the Midst of Suffering, August 10th – September 14th

  • Focused Faith
  • Active Faith
  • Enduring Faith
  • Ready Faith
  • Joyful Faith
  • Victorious Faith

And It Was Good, September 21st – 28th

  • God’s Work of Creation
  • Our Work with Creation

Bible Studies for Life: Pressure Points

Bible Studies for Life - Pressure Points

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Pressure Points, September 1st – October 6th

  • The Pressure of Trials
  • The Pressure of Temptation
  • The Pressure of Partiality
  • The Pressure of Conflict
  • The pressure of Retaliation

When Relationships Collide, October 13 – November 17

  • Even Christians Collide
  • It’s Not About Me
  • Stand Down
  • Stand Your Ground
  • Step In
  • The Big Picture