Explore the Bible – Proverbs, Song of Songs: Learn, Live, Love, Discovery

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Proverbs, Song of Songs: Learn, Live, Love, Discovery, April 1st – June 24th

  • Seek Wisdom’s Way
  • Learn Wisdom’s Benefits
  • Listen to Wisdom’s Invitation
  • Guard Your Speech
  • Don’t Be a Slacker
  • Exercise Financial Responsibility
  • Forge Godly Friendships
  • Be Amazed by the Resurrection
  • Avoid Alcohol and Drug Abuse!
  • Live in Moral Purity
  • Treasure Mothers
  • Righteous Romance
  • Invest in the Best


Explore the Bible: Gospel of John

Explore the Bible

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Study the Entire Bible Book by Book

If you want to experience the full counsel of God’s Word in your life, Explore the Bible offers the plan to help you get there. Each issue of this study takes groups on an exploration of a specific Bible book (or set of books). The 13-week format allows the time to dig into the depths and apply key truths of each book, while keeping you on pace to study through the entire Bible.