Spring 2017 Sermon Series

Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need. ~ Hebrews 4:16 NIV

March Sermon Series

March 5th: The Unfinished Story, Acts 1:1-8

March 12th: Opportunities All Around Us, Acts 3:1-9

March 19th: Our Defense, Acts 4:13-20

March 26th: A Prayer That Never Runs Dry, Ephesians 3:20

Winter 2017 Sermon Series: A Time of Renewal

The book of Mark is the oldest of the four Gospels in the New Testament. In fact, while the word, “Gospel,” appears a total of 12 times in the four Gospels, eight of these are in Mark. Mark also accompanied Paul and Barnabas on one of their missionary journeys to spread the Good News. Take time the next couple months to try to find new meaning in the story of Jesus’ time on Earth and spread that joy to others.

This Sermon Series: “A Time of Renewal”

January 8th: Snow Day, Services Cancelled

January 15th: Stretching Ourselves, Mark 1:9-15

January 22nd: Who Are We Following? Mark 1:16-20

January 29th: Look What I Found! Mark 1:32-29

February 5th: Faith On Display, Mark 2:1-13

February 12th: Who Are We Reaching? Mark 2:14-17

February 19th: What Seeds Are Being Planted? Mark 4:1-9

February 26th: The Harvesting of the Seeds, Mark 4:13-25

Advent 2016 Sermon Series

December 4th: Our Gifts, Matthew 2:9-12

December 11th: Following the Star; How He Leads You Along the Journey of Life, Matthew 2:1-8

December 18th: Pondering God’s Involvement In Your Life, Luke 2:15-20

December 24th: Do We Have Room For Jesus? Luke 2:1-7

January 1st: Guest Preacher, Dave Chambers

Fall 2016 Sermon Series

October 2nd: Homecoming Sunday

October 9th: Responding to the Ups and Downs of Life, James 1:1-4, 19-22

October 16th: Wisdom for All of Life’s Decisions, James 1:5-8, 22-24

October 23rd: That’s One Thing You Can’t Talk Enough About, Sin; James 2:1-13

October 30th: What Is Our Life Producing, James 2:14-25

November 6th: So, Where Do We Go From Here? James 4:13-17, Daniel 2:19-23

November 13th: He Has All of Your Life In His Hand, Ecclesiastes 3:11-22

November 20th: The Blessings of the Cross, Philippians 2:5-11

November 27th: The One Who Came, Matthew 1:23

Summer Sermons, Series 2: Rebuilding Broken Walls and Lives

52 days.  That’s all it took for the nation of Israel, under the guidance of Nehemiah, to rebuild the walls that were once burnt out and decimated rubble.  We have been in the book of Nehemiah for the last ten weeks, with three more weeks to go in September.  Let me ask us all a question: how has the book changed you?  Have you and I taken time to consider that the same God that helped fuel a 52-day-rebuild is the same God that wants to work in your life, your place of business, your marriage, your outreach, your parenting, and your finances?  What about in the life of the church? How has walking through this great and powerful ancient text given us insight into the decisions we need to make for outreach and to provide for our community?

During the next 52 days in the life of our church, our Awana ministry will start a new fall session and we will have our annual Fall Festival in October; both of these are amazing ministries of outreach, discipleship and fellowship.  My second question to us all is, what can God do inside not only those programs, but other outreach and service projects over the next 52 days as well?   Remember, Nehemiah took three months of prayer before he went before his boss. We are coming to the end of our 3 months of prayer as we approach our October conference, asking God to direct and lead this church in his direction – not ours – with everything that He has given us.

In light of the fact that everything we have comes from God, I would like to share a need that has come to my attention this week through our Leesville Elementary School Back Pack Buddies.  In talking with the program director, her heart’s desire is to have an emergency fund of $1000.00 dollars on hand to help families when unexpected disaster strikes.  Last year a student and her family lost all of their belongings in an apartment fire. While our church helped out in various ways, which they were thankful for, if we contributed to this emergency fund it would be a step of faith closer to the Lord.  Currently there are (26) children, but more will be added as Kindergarten classes start the week after Labor Day. More children in need, who can be fed through the contributions of Leesville Baptist and other churches in the area. What an amazing opportunity to step up and provide not only food, but extra funds, and yes – maybe even clothes, shoes and jackets as the weather turns cold.Please be in prayer for our church in the days of ahead.


Matt Chambers, Pastor, Leesville Baptist Church

This Sermon Series: “Rebuilding Broken Walls and Lives”

August 28th: Our Confession, Nehemiah 9 (Part 1)

September 4th: Our Restorer, Nehemiah 9 (Part 2)

September 11th: Our Dedication, Nehemiah 12:27-30

September 18th: Our Offerings, Nehemiah 13:9-14