Sermon Series: Get out of the Box

“Think outside the box.” How often have you heard that phrase? What does it even mean? And how can thinking outside the box help push you outside your comfort zone to do what God is calling you to do and to reach the people He is calling you to minister to? Noah and his family struggled with these same questions. Join us in January as we earnestly seek out what it means to break out of our comfort-zone-ruts to obey a higher calling in our lives. Let’s discover together the hope and restoration waiting for us just around the bend.

This Sermon Series: “Get out of the Box”

January 3rd: The Stage, Genesis 6:1-8

January 10th: The Call, Genesis 6:9-14

January 17th: The Scene, Genesis 7:1-5, 17-24

January 24th: Snow day, no church service

January 31st: Not Forgotten, Genesis 8:1-12