Sermon Series: Gospel of John

The beloved disciple. Caretaker of Mary. When John was called to follow Jesus he left his father and livelihood as a fisherman behind to become a disciple of Christ. His Gospel contains some of the most memorable verses in the New Testament, and shows a side of Jesus that is unique among the four gospels. John unapologetically emphasizes the messianic character of Christ, crafting his account to consistently drive home the Good News of Jesus’ life and resurrection. Over the next four weeks we will meditate on the character of God, and take a closer look at when Christ calls his first followers to take up a new life in Him. Come revisit this familiar book of the Bible, and prepare to see Jesus in a whole new light.

This month’s Sermon Series: Gospel of John 

Part 1: Experiencing God
April 12th: God – His Nature and His Character, John 1:1-5
April 19th: God – His Witness, John 1:6-13
April 26th: God – His Love, John 1:14-18
May 3rd: God in the Testimony of Others, John 1:19-23, 32-34

Part 2: Following Christ
May 10th: I Will Follow Him…, John 1:35-42
May 17th: The Scoffer…, John 1:43-51
May 24th: He Cares About You, John 2:1-12
May 31st: Our Worship, John 2:13-25