Sermon Series: Journey

Journeys. Our journey began the moment we were conceived. We know that God created an awesome plan for us, so let’s ask ourselves – how’s it going? Consider this – have you ever meticulously prepared for a trip, checked everything off your list, and nonetheless been plagued by doubt and fear the entire time, convinced that you had missed something? Have such worries ever completely ruined your enjoyment of the trip?

God not only wants us to thrive, but to savor the journey of our Christian lives. As we travel with Paul in the book of Acts on his first Missionary journey, discover how God worked in his life, and how he wants to work in yours, so you can continue in your path secure in the knowledge that your travel planner is out of this world..

This month’s Sermon Series: Journey

Feb 22nd: Preparation, Acts 13:1-5
Mar 1st: Opposition, Acts 13:6-12
Mar 8th: Testimony, Acts 13:42-49
Mar 15th: Persecution, Acts 13:50-52 & Acts 14:19-21
Mar 22nd: Fallout, Acts 15:36-41
Mar 29th: Being a Vessel, Acts 16:11-15