Below are a few testimonials from some MMO parents. We are grateful for the opportunity to get to know your children, and welcome you to contact us to learn more about how our program can impact the life of your child.

“The MMO program at Leesville Baptist Church is amazing!  This year my husband and I enrolled our third child in the program.  We are clearly huge fans!  All of my children have loved their time at MMO.  It was each of their first experience with school, and I have watched them all transform from crying at drop off to walking right in without looking back.  That transformation is all because of the wonderful and loving staff at MMO.  I have been so blessed to have MMO for my children.  It is so comforting to know that your children are loved and safe while they are learning and playing, and it has given me time to myself to get things done.  I have and will continue to recommend the MMO program  to all of my friends!”

“Thank you for all your wonderful work.  My child loves coming to school and her Dad and I are so grateful to be able to send her to such a wonderful and caring environment.  We have truly enjoyed watching her grow to love MMO over the past 2 years, thanks!”

“MMO has really has been a great asset for me and my family. It has been a joy seeing our son happy every time I pick him up. It let’s me know that he is well taken care of by such a wonderful staff. Because of MMO, he has had the chance to learn and grow in so many ways. He’s really opened up and has become more sociable with other children. I would recommend MMO to any busy mom!”

“Our family was so happy to learn about Leesville’s MMO Program!  It was, and is, a great asset in helping our children make the transition from being at home full time to taking the first step in their educational adventure.  The change was easy with the caring, patient and loving staff.  The children come home singing songs and telling us about their day.  The staff is great with communicating the day’s activities and making the children feel welcome.  I have no worries when I leave my child in their care and I know that they are going to have a great day!”

“When my two older kiddos went back to school, I realized my littlest one needed some social interaction and I needed some time to get things done! I found Leesville MMO through some friends who had used it in the past and I am happy to pass along the recommendation. Having a degree in Early Childhood Education, I tend to be pretty picky about what programs I put my kids into. I have found MMO to be a warm, nurturing environment for my daughter. She was hesitant at first, but the patience and kindness of the teachers has made all the difference. She is happy to go play with friends in a developmentally sound program in a safe place and I am thrilled to have a few hours to get some errands and chores done without quite as many interruptions.”

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