Winter 2017 Sermon Series: A Time of Renewal

The book of Mark is the oldest of the four Gospels in the New Testament. In fact, while the word, “Gospel,” appears a total of 12 times in the four Gospels, eight of these are in Mark. Mark also accompanied Paul and Barnabas on one of their missionary journeys to spread the Good News. Take time the next couple months to try to find new meaning in the story of Jesus’ time on Earth and spread that joy to others.

This Sermon Series: “A Time of Renewal”

January 8th: Snow Day, Services Cancelled

January 15th: Stretching Ourselves, Mark 1:9-15

January 22nd: Who Are We Following? Mark 1:16-20

January 29th: Look What I Found! Mark 1:32-29

February 5th: Faith On Display, Mark 2:1-13

February 12th: Who Are We Reaching? Mark 2:14-17

February 19th: What Seeds Are Being Planted? Mark 4:1-9

February 26th: The Harvesting of the Seeds, Mark 4:13-25